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NUK for Nature Soothers (two pack)

The new NUK for Nature soother is the most sustainable NUK soother of all time.

Made from renewable raw materials and particularly soft natural rubber for a climate-friendly soothing solution. 

  • NUK Natural Soother 0-6m
  • Includes 1 pack of 2 soothers
  • Suitable for ages: 0-6 months
  • A soother or 'dummy'  made from 98% natural raw materials including natural rubber
  • From raw materials to production with renewable energy, we optimise everything to be climate friendly for mini carbon footprint
  • 0-6 months, BPA-free, 2 soothers per pack, packaged in 100% paper


*Please note: NUK for Nature soothers come in assorted colours, which are not available for selection.