The idea for Sprout Organic sprung from our search for clean, plant-based snacks and formulas to feed our own kids. From this beginning, Sprout is growing into a world leader in Infant and Children’s products.

The vision that has been six years in the making is disrupting the market with our healthy kids snack range and world-first plant-based formulas, selling globally.

As we grow (just as fast as our consumers) we are expanding rapidly and looking to build a brand that is not only the best for our little ones, but is also a place where we take inspiration from our team and provide genuine opportunities for success for everyone working with us.

Not only do we want to build a community with high quality individuals, we also want everyone to know they are contributing to high quality important products that you can feel good about.

Being part of the Sprout team means you are a valued contributor to the company, where your ideas and efforts are listened to and you should always feel good about everything we are doing.

Career Opportunities

Administrative Assistant - Sales

Sales Specialist - Marketer