What Environmental Impact Is Your Baby Formula Having?

What Environmental Impact Is Your Baby Formula Having? 

Sustainability is at the top of discussion no matter what industry you are in, but even more so when it comes to food. Infant formula has somewhat flown under the radar when it comes to its impact on the environment, so this is something we’d like to bring to the forefront. 

Infant and toddler formula environmental concerns 

Breast milk is the most environmentally-friendly food produced by humans in the world, making it mother nature's perfect food for both babies and the planet. For those who are both able and choose to, there are many positive reasons to persist with breastfeeding for as long as possible. 

However, we live in an imperfect world and this is not always possible or the desired choice for parents which should equally be respected. When breastfeeding is not an option, infant formula provides the essential nutrients to keep your baby happy, healthy and nourished.

With formula consumption on the rise around the world due to modern lifestyle shifts and economic work pressures, it’s important to look at the environmental impact formulas are having on the planet, and what leading companies are doing to reduce the carbon footprints of these essential products.

Baby formula consumption and the planet.

It’s no secret that the majority of infant formulas on the market today are produced from animal ingredients (namely dairy), but what is often overlooked is the immense amount of resources required to produce these products, and their associated greenhouse gas emissions.

Dairy-based infant formulas have significantly higher impacts than plant-based alternatives across all metrics. It causes around three times as much greenhouse gas emissions; uses around thirty times as much land; two to twenty times as much freshwater; and creates much higher levels of eutrophication and water pollution. 

Sprout Organic Plant-Based Formula and the environment 

When breastfeeding is not an option, one easy and sustainable way to reduce your environmental impact is to look for plant-based formula options. Companies like Sprout Organic are addressing the environmental consequences of traditional formula products by using organic, plant--based wholefood ingredients such as rice, coconut, and peas which have a much lower environmental footprint in comparison to their animal counterparts.

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Sprout Organic is the sustainable infant formula choice

Whilst many companies are looking at becoming more sustainable in the infant formula category, Sprout Organic is working from the ground up by sourcing sustainable and organic plant-based ingredients that are not only good for the planet, but also optimal for providing sustainable nutrition for your little one. 

At Sprout Organic, we believe in a healthier future. 

Our commitment to families goes far beyond creating organic plant-based foods. We build everything with the future of our little ones and our planet in mind. For over 150 years, families have had no choice when it comes to infant formula options. We believe not only in providing families with choice, but providing a positive legacy for our future. 


Their future, your choice.   


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