What Being Vegan Means to Me


Being vegan means something different to everyone - Today is World Vegan Day, so we wanted to ask our head of Marketing and Comms, and lifelong vegan,  Nadia Schilling  what being vegan means to her.

Being vegan can either be for personal health benefits, the environmental benefits, to reduce animal suffering, or it could be for all three, but it’s very much a personal choice.

For Nadia, it all started at the age of 5 years old, when she would commit her life to the mission of reducing animal suffering by going vegetarian. She then went on to dedicate her life to the mission with her career choices that led her to Sprout Organic. 

Nadia worked for In Defense of Animals in the U.S. for almost 6 years advocating for legal, political and social change. During that time she did a number of investigations on both factory farms in the U.S. and Australia, and the dog meat and fur industry in Asia. 

She also launched two helplines to help slaughterhouse workers who she believes are also unseen victims of a broken industry. She worked for a non-profit called the Ethical Choices Program, delivering high school talks throughout Australia to educate students about the impacts of their food choices on their health, the environment, and animals, tailoring it per subject and school curriculum.  

Needs Based Solutions was Nadia’s first step into the food industry, a not-for-profit that developed harvesting prototypes, the aim of which was to reduce our reliance on harmful pesticides and herbicides, and form a shift towards more sustainable agroecology farming methods with the help of robotics.

Despite all of the great work that Nadia was involved in, she got to a point where she realised that you can only go so far until you’ve got a real solution, like a food product. 

Now, Nadia says:

“I believe that Sprout has the power to create a better future for our next generation… Everyone has their own mission in life, but mine is to create more convenient, tasty and mainstream plant -based products because of all of the positive benefits that they provide.”

By choosing to eat vegan even for a single day, you can save:

  • 5,000 litres of water
  • 35 square feet of land
  • 10kgs of CO2 equivalent emissions 
  • & an animals life

That’s why being vegan means so much to Nadia. Whether it’s one meal a day, one meal a week or even one meal a month, our small positive choices combined make a huge impact and any positive choice should be encouraged.

Everyone at Sprout has their own personal mission like Nadia’s, but something that aligns us all is the potential of Sprout Organic to create a better future for our next generation. 

By supporting brands like Sprout Organic, you’re creating a more ethical future, a healthier future and a more sustainable future.

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